We the 75Bit!

For more than 7 years, we’ve been proving that you don’t have to be a big company to have a big impact. From creating one of the first software-as-a-service web apps, inventing to running a remote company a decade before the rest of the industry caught on; we make waves and build great software while we do it.

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7 years and running

2021 marks 7 years in business, yet we feel like we’re just getting started.

Today, We start with new big dream. With customers in nearly every industry and every country on Earth, we’re helping a whole lot of people communicate better and do their best work.

Read the story of how Linesbox got started.

Doubling down on simple and straightforward

We’re big believers in the power of keeping it simple. Every bet we’ve ever placed on making something easier for our customers has always paid off.

In the decades to come, we’ll continue to make big bets on simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use, and honesty. This goes for our products, our publications, and our company.

Investing in things that don’t go out of style

The best business advice we ever got is from Jeff Bezos from Amazon.com (Jeff bought a small piece of our company in 2006). He told us “Find the things that won’t change in your business and invest heavily in those things.”

He explained it like this... “Take Amazon for example... 10 years from now people aren’t going to say ‘I wish Amazon shipping was slower’ or ‘I wish Amazon had a worse selection’, so we invest heavily in fast shipping and a broad selection.”

Giving a damn

Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. We treat our customers as we’d want to be treated, we treat each other like family, and we treat ourselves to a good day’s work and a good night’s sleep.

Our goals have always been the same: Have fun, do exceptional work, build the best product in the business, experiment, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, give back, and keep learning.

We’re also big believers in business 101. We don’t spend more than we earn, we don’t waste money on things that don’t matter, we don’t give away everything for free and hope we’ll figure it out before we run out of cash. We’re in business to stay in business, and we have 7 profitable years in a row to back it up.

Always at your service

If you have a general question for us, just drop us an email at email@linesbox.com and we’ll get back to you within a day. If you’re a customer, and you want to talk to someone in customer service, drop an email to support@linesbox.com and we’ll get back to you right away.

We love sharing our ideas on business, culture, design, and technology with the world. You can follow Ahmed Mardi, our CEO and co-founder, on linkedin, and Mohamed Saleh, our CFO and co-founder, on linkedin.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to have you. Either way, thanks for visiting Linesbox.