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Our mission is to use technology in a way that does not harm human relationships, like big social networks can do.

We believe that Linesbox will change how companies manage their employees and give them an enjoyable experience of performance.

Linesbox is born to offer a solution to these problems. Most of the smaller companies need to have a tool to manage their companies from a human perpective - not 30 different tools. We think having a tool that does, say, 70% of the job is better than having 15 specific tools that do 100%.

Linesbox is now a healthy workplace project. We think there is a place for a single software that manages the entire lifecycle of an employee. By knowing everything about your employees and their performance, improving communication and giving you ...etc.

Thanks for checking out the project.

Ahmed Mardi and Mohamed Saleh

Linesbox is proudly made in Egypt 🇪🇬.

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